Leilani Post-Pregnancy Review by Kathy Trainor


New England mom, blogger and teacher Kathy Trainor reviews Body After Baby’s Leilani and explains how it is helping moms with the dreadful task of fitting into clothes following the birth of their baby. The Leilani’s two-in-one design acts as everyday shapewear, while its “comfortably snug” compression panels retract loose skin for lasting results. Read more…

  Leilani Post-Pregnancy Review by Ashley from Closet of Free Samples

  Before      After


As a busy mom with little time to devote to working out, mommy blogger Ashley wanted to wear cute outfits without the little muffin top prevailing through while she slowly worked on getting more permanent results through an active lifestyle. So she turned to the Leilani. Leilani’s two-in-one design acts as everyday shapewear for immediate slimming results, while its Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) help moms attain more permanent results by tightening loose skin and helping them lose serious inches. According to Ashley, “I found a solution to help contour my body and I can still breathe while wearing it! It's called Body After Baby … this thing works some miracles!” Read more … 


 Motherload Belly Band Review by Heather from Miss Frugal Mommy


Heather from Miss Frugal Mommy blog reviews the Motherload belly band while she was six months pregnant. According to Heather, “Now, I feel like I cannot live without my belly band and am lost when I accidentally leave the house without it!” Another key feature that Heather raves about is the sleek seamless design that looks great under clothes, unlike other bulky pregnancy belly bands. Heather adds, “After talking to several other moms that have used belly bands, their main concern was how theirs was too thick and bulky. That is not the case with the Motherload, its thin, slick features allows you the freedom of wearing it without everyone noticing.” Read more …