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When should I start wearing a Post Pregnancy recovery garment?

Stage 1 (post-pregnancy healing with the Sienna or Angelica) typical starts within 2-3 days following delivery, if unsure please consult your doctor. Stage 2 (lose those inches with the Leilani) is most effective when started 8-12 weeks following your delivery. Your body needs the initial stage to heal, recover, and regain strength to fully benefit from body contouring.

Are your garments safe to wear after a C-Section delivery?

Yes, in fact our C-section garment, the Sienna is for C-section moms that want to recover faster and more comfortably so they can regain the strength they need to actively focus on their new baby. Unlike C-section panties, the Sienna supports the major body parts impacted by pregnancy including the hips, and lower back, not just the C-section incision. 


Will I need more than one garment for my recovery?

We always recommend purchasing 2 garments for personal hygiene and so you will have a clean garment to wear while washing the first. You only need one garment to recovery in, but having an additional one adds personal convenience, but is not absolutely necessary as our garments are quality built. As you recovery and regain your pre-pregnancy size, you may see a need for a smaller garment or wish to move into the Leilani, our body contouring garment when you’re ready.

How long should I continue to wear my Body After Baby garment?

Stage 1 (post pregnancy healing) typically lasts 8-12 weeks and can continue depending on individual needs and recovery benefit. Stage 2 (body contouring)  is designed for extended periods of use, typically 4-6 months of routine use.

What is the differences between The Motherload™ pregnancy support and other support bands?

The Motherload by Body After Baby is for active pregnant women that need to relieve back, hip and abdominal pain and to reduce sciatica. Unlike other pregnancy support bands, the Motherload is especially designed for active pregnant moms.  Unique Airlight™ breathable foam with perforated holes that wicks away sweat -- whether working out or running around town,  molded foam panels contours over hips and cradles under belly without applying pressure or digging, and lightweight material that does not fold or roll down like elastic and moves synergistically with moms to be are just a few of the reasons active moms choose Body After Baby.

Will your pregnancy support band work for my entire pregnancy?

Yes, depending on your size, our Motherload™ support offers 12 inches of expansion and adjustable tension straps to accommodate for growth during pregnancy.

What is the difference between Body After Baby support garments and shapewear like Spanx or Flexies?

Shapewear is designed for general lightweight support and temporary body shaping. With a multi-use design that also acts as everyday shapewear, Body After Baby gives moms the immediate, temporary results of shapewear, while helping them recover from child birth and permanently lose inches.  Read how Jane of Huntington Beach, CA compares Body After Baby with Spanx.


Should I use the Leilani Body Shaper right after my delivery?

No. Right after delivery, we recommend moms first focus on healing their body so they can regain the strength they need to actively focus on what matters most: their new baby.  To help moms reduce the pain associated with postpartum recovery and heal faster, we recommend the Angelica for normal deliveries and the Sienna for C-sections.  No other products on the market focus solely on the recovery process.  After all, a comfortable, supported mom is a better mom. 


How do I wash my support garments?

We recommend that you hand wash our garments with warm water and gentle soap, hang to dry. You may however, wash our products on a gentle cycle with warm water and no bleach or harsh detergents. Do not use a dryer as this can damage your garment – hang dry all garments. For further details see our care instructions on product labels and packaging.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be fully satisfied with our products and service, and understand you may need to try the product on for sizing. So, we offer a full refund for new unused product only. Please see our Return Policy for further details.