A Recovery Garment that is comfortable and supportive!

The Angelica Abdominal recovery garment is designed for use following a vaginal delivery where abdominal muscles, ligaments, and tissue have been subjected to the strains of pregnancy and stress of labor. Supporting the entire core, the Angelica provides structure and stability for the pelvis, hips, and lower back, helping relieve the aches and pains of recovery. The anatomical crotch panel protects and supports perineal tears and episiotomy incisions, helping you heal and recover in comfort while performing daily activities. Purchase this post pregnancy belly band here.



ANGELICA: Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Recovery Garment
COLORS: Natural or Black

Designed to start wearing within a few days following delivery. For added convenience our pre-pregnancy pant
reference can be used prior to delivery. If you have gained more than 35lbs. please add 1 size. Do not use this style
while pregnant.


• Anatomical Support Panels (ASP)
• Full Abdominal and core support
• Lightweight and Breathable MicroNet fabric
• Antimicrobial Cotton lined crotch
• Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps
• 68% Nylon / 32% Spandex - Latex Free