About Body After Baby

Body After Baby provides active moms with the next generation of “smart” maternity, postpartum and C-section support belly bands and shapewear.

 At the heart of every Body After Baby product is our unique fabric -- durable enough to handle serious stretch and sweat, yet seamless and comfortable enough to wear all day, even under form-fitting clothes.

 Uniquely designed for bodies in motion -- whether you are pregnant and looking to relieve back pain so you can hit the gym or run errands around town, an active new mom looking to recover quickly so you can take care of your new baby, or are an active working mom or devoted yogi ready to get back to pre-baby activities, Body After Baby has a support product for you.  Our mission is to help active mommies and mommies to be feel better ... because when you feel better, you look better.

Relieve, Recover, and Reclaim
Happy Motherhood




We Love Our Customers

Hear how Kamie, a dance teacher, used the Motherload Maternity Belly Band to alleviate her back pain and keep up with her active lifestyle during pregnancy.