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5 Fit Pregnancy Tips

Can you workout while pregnant? Yes! Here are five tips to help you navigate!
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5 Pregnancy Superfoods

Eating well during pregnancy is a no-brainer – our unborn babies depend on us to give them the proper nutrition to grow, develop and thrive. Here are five pregnancy superfoods to fit into your diet and why: Sweet Potatoes I LOVE sweet potatoes!  Plus, if you are craving something savory while pregnant, bake up some sweet potato fries with sea s...
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5 Tips for a Positive Pregnancy

Congrats on your pregnancy!  One of the most important things you can do for your growing baby is to create what we call a “positive pregnancy.”  Our bodies and everything in this world is made up of energy.  When we feel bad and are negative, our babies receive this energy through us as expecting moms. It’s true that when mom is healthy and...
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4 Things You Can Start Doing Today To Improve Your Posture After Pregnancy

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As your pregnancy progresses, the added weight can wreak havoc on your back and your posture. But there some easy things you can do to quickly improve your posture after pregnancy, including the use of postpartum shapewear and C-Section shapewear.  Here are some of our top tips:     1.  Wear a Postpartum Recovery Garment Designed to relieve pai...
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If You Are a First Time Mom-to-Be...Keep Your Expectations Real

If you are a first time mom-to-be... keep your expectations of those first few months real.
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5 Tips for Traveling During Pregnancy

Traveling has it challenges, but doing it while pregnant is even more challenging.   If you plan to spend any significant time sitting in a car, train or plane, backaches are a huge concern. Here are some simple tips to help you alleviate those pregnancy backaches while traveling.    Wear a maternity support belly band – Look for a pregnanc...
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How to Shop for a Postpartum Belly Band

By now, you have likely heard of postpartum belly bands. The promise to help you whip your post-partum body back into shape is a proposition that is hard to resist. But with various types of belly bands and garments on the market, many moms are left wondering what the big differences are. So they typically end up buying the most heavily markete...
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Pregnant and Traveling? 5 Tips to Alleviate Back Pain

Thanksgiving is the most traveled day of the year with nearly 47 million Americans predicted to travel more than 50 miles from home this year. Travelling on the busiest travel day alone has it challenges, but doing it while pregnant is even more challenging.   If you plan to spend any significant time sitting in a car, train or plane, backaches...
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8 tips to reduce stress and increase breast milk production

Campaigns to increase the rate of breast-feeding have been highly successful in recent years with about three-quarters of American mothers now breast feeding, compared with less than two-thirds in 2000. Organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization recommend six months of exclusive breast-feeding for ...
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Pregnancy Back Pain - Help!

Understanding and Relieving Pregnancy Back Pain Everyone who has ever been pregnant knows all about pregnancy back pain. Not only are you dealing with all sorts of changes in your body but now your back hurts too! This is why we created a superior pregnancy support called the Motherload. We didn’t stop there however, our Motherload is also the m...
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Just Had a Baby? Then Waist Training Might Be for You

  Postpartum Waist Trainer Many experts believe that waist training is a really bad idea, and even borders dangerous. But what if the timing makes a difference? What if waist training (or your entire core training for that matter) after a dramatic change in your body like a pregnancy or a big weight loss is the key to success? For thousands of m...
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Mommy Bloggers Give Body After Baby a Thumbs up

We recently asked a handful of mommy bloggers to review our products. Of course, we expected good reviews, but the feedback we are getting is really exciting. We thought our current mommy customers and future mommy customers would like to hear what other moms are saying about Body After Baby.   Here are just a few of the highlights:       “As wi...
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Addressing Loose Skin: Taking Advantage of Rapid Weight Loss and Postpartum Hormones to Shape your Body

Rapid weight loss, such as after pregnancy and post bariatric surgery have an unfortunate commonality: saggy skin. But as with many things in life, what may appear to be a problem, can actually be an opportunity. First, it is important to understand what causes the dreaded sag. Essentially, after a big weight loss – whether from pregnancy, natur...
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Sienna C-Section Belly Band vs. Traditional Belly Binders and Wraps

SIENNA C-SECTION – ABDOMINAL BINDER BELLY BANDS When you have a C-section delivery in the hospital, many new moms are given a standard issue abdominal binder, or belly-band/wrap of some kind to help protect their incision and stomach during recovery. The binders and belly-bands have very limited function and are designed for general support of y...
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Caring For Your C-Section Scar

  CARING FOR YOUR C-SECTION SCAR No doubt pregnancy changes you both physically and emotionally. If you are you are one of the roughly 1.29 million moms that will be recovering from a C-section scar, minimizing the scar left behind from your bundle of joy is likely a top concern.  Most scars are about 4 to 6 inches long. Initially, the incision ...
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Press Release: Demand for Body After Baby C-Section Belly Bands on the Rise

Increased demand in line with CDC report citing nearly one-third of US births are delivered via cesarean sectionOrange County, Calif. – January 6, 2015 – Body After Baby today announced that demand for its C-section support belly band, the Sienna, is on the rise, with more than one-third of moms requesting C-section support. The increased intere...
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Recovering from a C-Section: Tips from Body After Baby Moms

According to the CDC, in 2013, nearly one-third of the 3.95 million births in the United States were delivered via cesarean section. While this represents a slight decrease from 32.7% in 2013 compared to 32.8% in 2012, the overall rate of C-sections has been on the rise since 1990.   If you are one of the roughly 1.29 million moms that have t...
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Body After Baby’s Maternity, Postpartum and C-Section Belly Support Bands and Shapewear Now Available at Figure 8 Maternity

Next generation garments support all the body parts impacted by pregnancy and childbirth – from the waist, stomach, hips, thighs, butt, back, and pelvisDana Point, Calif. – November 12, 2014 – Body After Baby today announced that its next generation maternity, postpartum and C-section support belly bands and post pregnancy shapewear are now ava...
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Body After Baby Post Pregnancy Shapewear vs. Everyday Shapewear – What’s the Difference?

Shopping for post pregnancy shapewear? Then you’ve likely realized that you have plenty of options. After all, department and discount stores are lined with new and trendy shapewear that’s designed to give you that curvy-held-in look. But if you’ve just given birth, those everyday shapewear products fall short of what you actually need. Here are...
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Mom Sees Extra Benefit After C-Section

August 13, 2014For Immediate Release: Moms See Extra Benefit After C-Section           The Sienna C-section Recovery Garment from Body After Baby greatly improves the healing process after a C-section and helps keep mom comfortable throughout recovery. A far superior design when compared to the traditional abdominal binder provided by hospitals ...
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