Before you buy a postpartum belly band or wrap, we wanted to share some differences between them and the Body After Baby support wear styles.

Body After Baby Support and Recovery Wear

  • Made with breathable MicroNet™ Fabric with stretch memory – all day comfort that keeps you cool and dry.
  • Set it and forget it design – form fitting garment that doesn’t need to be repositioned throughout the day; mom (and others) don’t even realize she’s wearing it!
  • Moves WITH your body and not against it – complete comfort even for the most active moms and while sitting, bending, and nursing.
  • BAB offers a specific C-Section recovery garment - this recovery is quite different from a natural delivery.
  • Multi-Targeted Support to cover all the areas affected by pregnancy and childbirth – Belly, Hips, Waist, and Lower Back.

    Belly Bands and Wraps

    • Bands can "ride up" and need frequent repositioning.
    • When sitting, bending, and especially nursing, bands can dig into the skin, causing discomfort and marking.
    • Bands do not cover C-section scars well by their design – nor do they provide any real support over the hips.
    • Bands only provide a single level of support – no matter where they are positioned on your torso..
    • Bands and wraps bulky and can be seen easily under clothing.