Our support wear is designed to help mom's FEEL better and LOOK better, in comfort!


Compression promotes circulation and blood flow that is essential to how your body heals and controls swelling/edema and pain. In addition, compression assists with reducing fluid retention and stabilizing muscles, ligaments, and joints for healing and recovery benefits.

C-Section Incision Healing
Gentle compressive support has been used in surgical procedures for decades to promote the healing process and protect the incision site. Stabilizing the surrounding tissue and underlying structures also protects your body, improves mobility, and reduces scarring.

Skin Retraction and Tissue Shaping

Compression support helps to shape and mold the skin and tissues that were expanded and separated during pregnancy. With targeted compressive pressure, the effected areas of skin, fat, and underlying tissues can be reconnected and retract to improve shape and tone for body contouring benefits.


Support provides structure and additional strength to stretched and/or separated muscles, loose ligaments, and strained joints. Stability helps to hold in your abdominal organs, provides structure for your lower back, and pelvis. All of this improves posture and increases comfort.


During healing and recovery periods your body is often under strain with daily activities and movement. Support helps to protect the areas most sensitive to strain such as abdominal muscles and tissue, c-section incisions, episiotomies and perenial tears.


Our products use breathable materials, moisture wicking finish, and anatomical designs to ensure your comfort. Guess what…if they’re not comfortable you won’t wear them. We take your comfort very seriously and know this is the key to wearing our products for extended periods of time.


With weight gain and posture changes, your center of gravity shifts, at times causing you to feel unbalanced. Proper support can help stabilize your core and improve your balance while pregnant or recovering from childbirth, helping to support your daily activities with confidence.


Motherload Maternity Support Band         

Angelica Postpartum Recovery Garment

 Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment

Leilani Postpartum Body Shaping Garment