Support for Pregnancy Discomfort and Post Pregnancy Recovery


by: Sean Daneshmand, MD - Perinatal ObGyn, San Diego CA

Sweet, sleepy smiles. Contagious giggles. You will adore your little bundle of joy, but you might not adore the price your body might be paying in the process. From pregnancy back pain to post pregnancy weight and condition, your body needs support for the changes that happen during and after pregnancy. But what body changes can you expect? And how can you alleviate discomfort in a natural, drug-free way and still maintain comfort?

During Pregnancy

When you’re expecting, the body goes through astounding changes and it goes through them quickly. Some of them, like feeling that little person move inside you, will make you glow. Others, well, not so much. The more uncomfortable and all too-common pregnancy aches include:

  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Ligament strain
  • Swelling

But just because these changes are natural and common, doesn’t mean you need to suffer through the discomfort they cause. Women have a range of options for finding pregnancy support, such as a high quality pregnancy support band that redistributes the abdomen’s weight off of the spine and pelvis, reducing one of the most typical complaints: pregnancy back pain.  

Immediate Post-Delivery

For many moms, this is a difficult period that’s sometimes called the fourth trimester. Your body has started the process of returning to its normal state. The uterus slowly shrinks back to normal size and hormones fall back to pre-pregnancy levels. You’ll also experience several weeks of varying soreness and swelling depending on length of labor and delivery methods. Specific post pregnancy recovery needs will depend on how your baby came into the world:

Recovering from a vaginal delivery – Most women can expect a sore abdominal muscles and ligaments, as well as the perineum, which is the area that stretches to allow the baby to leave the birth canal. If you had an episiotomy, you may have stitches as well as discomfort. Many women relieve discomfort from a vaginal delivery with a combination of pain medication (either over-the-counter or prescription) and at-home remedies (such as a sitz bath.) Another way to help the body recover from a vaginal delivery is with a postpartum recovery garment, which is designed to support the muscles and tissues in the abdomen, hips, and back. The result? You get relief from post pregnancy pain so you can focus more on caring for your newborn.

Recovering from C-section deliveryThis type of recovery means the body will be recuperating from major abdominal surgery. In addition to typical post pregnancy issues, such as engorged breasts, you will also find it challenging to perform simple tasks, like getting out of bed or lifting your baby from a bassinet. During C-section recovery, it’s important to listen to your health care professional’s instructions regarding pain relief and C-section scar care. Like vaginal delivery recovery, women recuperating from a C-section delivery find that a post c-section recovery garment plays a key role in helping their own bodies recover naturally.

Long-Term Recovery

This is most familiar as the “getting your body back” stage. The sleepless nights of infant-hood have diminished (hopefully) and the body has healed from the initial post-pregnancy recovery stage. Now it’s time to focus on getting that healthy body you want. A post pregnancy support garment will start you down the path to getting your body back. Using specially contoured panels, a post pregnancy body shaping garment molds the abdominal tissue into a shape you won’t be shy to show off.

The body changes in big ways during and after pregnancy—but you can find relief from those changes! Listen to your medical professional, and consider a pregnancy band or post pregnancy support garment to get the comfort you want and the support your body deserves.

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