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woman with body aches from pregnancy

The Truth About Your Pregnant Body: Aches, Pains, and Common Changes

by: Sean Daneshmand, MD - Perinatal ObGyn, San Diego CA and founder of Miracle Babies   Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your body will spend nine months adapting to accommodate the little one growing inside you. But all that growing triggers changes in your body—some you’re familiar with and some that may surprise you. This guide will share 7 major body changes you can expect and a few pregnancy support options you might consider:   Weight Gain- For most women this is the most noticeable, and often the most unwanted, effect of bearing a child. And while gaining weight is a...

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woman with back pain due to pregnancy

Pregnancy Back Pain Explained

  by: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT - Women's Health Physical Therapy, Los Angeles CA The baby belly. It’s the most obvious way a woman’s body changes during pregnancy. But the transformation is so pronounced that it causes somewhat less visible—but still uncomfortable—physiological changes. Pregnancy-related back pain can be so severe that it interferes with one’s quality of life, which especially for active moms who had planned to continue their active lifestyle throughout their pregnancy can be downright depressing.  To make matters worse, pregnancy-related back pain may extend into post-pregnancy period, and may interfere with healing during this time due to the inability...

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c Section Scars Defined By a Plastic Surgeon

C-Section Scars defined by a Plastic Surgeon

Understanding C-Section Scars by: Robert Kessler, MD - Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach CA A well placed Cesarean section scar is placed across the top of the pubic hairline. How this scar heals relies not only on the individuals healing but on the closure technique used by your obstetrician. As a plastic surgeon, I see many c section scars which are wide, depressed and even stuck to the underlying tissue creating a fold in the contour of the lower abdomen. The good news is that most of these issues can be corrected with scar revision or tummy tuck accompanied by post-operative...

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postpartum swelling in hands

Postpartum Swelling - What is causing this?

  Understanding Postpartum Swelling by: Robert Kessler, MD - Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach CA There are two circulatory systems in our bodies. Most people are aware of the arteries and veins which carry blood and nutrients to the cells and removes waste. The second system is the lymphatic system. Blood consists of red cells which stay in the arteries and veins while plasma has the ability to leave the vessels and bathe the structural cells in the body. Plasma leaves blood vessels to perform its function and is collected in the lymphatic system which returns it to the blood stream....

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