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Support for Pregnancy Discomfort and Post Pregnancy Recovery

  by: Sean Daneshmand, MD - Perinatal ObGyn, San Diego CA Sweet, sleepy smiles. Contagious giggles. You will adore your little bundle of joy, but you might not adore the price your body might be paying in the process. From pregnancy back pain to post pregnancy weight and condition, your body needs support for the changes that happen during and ...
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The Truth About Your Pregnant Body: Aches, Pains, and Common Changes

by: Sean Daneshmand, MD - Perinatal ObGyn, San Diego CA and founder of Miracle Babies   Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your body will spend nine months adapting to accommodate the little one growing inside you. But all that growing triggers changes in your body—some you’re familiar with and some that may surprise you. This guide will share 7...
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Pregnancy Support and Reducing Post-Pregnancy Healing Problems

  by: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT - Women's Health Physical Therapy, Los Angeles CA During pregnancy, the focus is often on doing the right things to deliver a healthy newborn. But what do moms do during pregnancy to prevent and relieve pain and complications after the birth? The fact is that the way you support your body during pregnancy can have a s...
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What Happens To The Tummy (Abdominal Wall) During Pregnancy?

by: Robert Kessler, MD - Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach CA  The abdominal wall is made up of three main structures from a practical point of view; the muscle or strength layer, the fatty layer and the skin. Each of these layers are affected and impacted differently in each pregnancy. The skin and muscle have an incredible ability to stretch. Ski...
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