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MOMMY REVIEWS — Motherload

Exhausted Mom Gets a Boost from the Motherload, Pregnancy Support Belly Band

Mommy to be Ky Clairmont reviews the Motherload.  "This has been a lifesaver for me as I was so tired and in discomfort all the time before I got this band. I now have more energy and feel a lot better. I feel like some of the pressure is off of my tummy too. It fits comfortably around my belly and is fine to wear all day." Read more ...
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Giving the Gift of Pregnancy Backpain Relief: Motherload Review

I couldn't wait to give my sister-in-law who is pregnant with her first the Motherload.  She loved it and couldn't wait to use it.  She loves that it doesn't slip, even when she is running around."  Read more ...  
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Pregnancy back pain relief in the summer heat

Read how the Motherload, Body After Baby's signature pregnancy belly band, helped ease Jacqueline Boyter's back pain in the summer heat. "Wearing it in the heat of Florida summer, I didn't feel like I was soaking in sweat.  Yes, I admit I sweat, and pretty badly.  The moisture wicking materials did their job."  Read more ...
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Another Supported Mom: Motherload Review

Mihaela Day reviews the Motherload to ease her pregnancy back aches. At 32 weeks pregnant, Mihaela just loves her Motherload.  "I have been using it religiously for a few weeks now and I love what it does for my posture and back pain! I am 32 weeks pregnant and this belly band is allowing me to feel great." Read more ...
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Natasha Moon Relieves Backpain with the Motherload

  Find out how Natasha Moon is using the Motherload to relieve her back pain during pregnancy.
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The Fabulous Wife blog reviews the Motherload pregnancy support belly band

Cate of the Fabulous Wife reviews the Motherload to relieve her back pain during her pregnancy.  " The Motherload isn't bulking like other pregnancy support bans, so I like to wear it under my clothes when I'm running errands." Read more ... 
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Simply Sherryl reviews the Motherload, pregnancy support belly band

Simply Sherryl reviews the Motherload pregnancy support belly band.  "We grow big babies in our family. And they do put a strain on the body but as any mother will tell’s so worth it! But, during those last months of pregnancy along with the first 6-8 weeks after birth; having a little extra support for your back and tummy is..well a b...
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Born 2 Impress Reviews the Motherload

  Jennifer Powell of Born 2 Impress uses the Motherload to relieve her pregnancy-related sciatica pain.  "The Motherload Maternity Support Belly Band by Body After Baby has helped with my sciatica pain…Actually, I have been wearing the band every day since I got it and I love it!"  Read more ...  
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All About Baby’s World Reviews the Motherload

Creator of All About Baby’s World uses the Motherload maternity support band to help to lift her belly and keep the weight off of her stomach muscles and back. “When I go to the mall, zoo, amusement parks, or anywhere I know I will be walking for a while, I always, ALWAYS wear my Motherload Maternity Support Band. I notice a big difference when...
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Misty Nicole uses the Motherload for her pregnancy-related back pain

Misty Nicole reviews Body After Baby's pregnancy support belly band, the Motherload. "I must say that the difference is quite remarkable and I am so thankful to have discovered the Motherload Maternity Support Band and am looking forward to its benefits for the next few months." Read more ...
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Motherload Support Band review by Heather from Miss Frugal Mommy from Miss Frugal Mommy blog reviews the Motherload belly band while she was six months pregnant. According to Heather, “Now, I feel like I cannot live without my belly band and am lost when I accidentally leave the house without it!” Another key feat...
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Amazing Support

As a prior horse trainer I've broken my back twice and these old injuries have caused my pregnancy to very painful and uncomfortable. The Motherload band has been amazing in providing support to my lower back from the first day I put it on. I'm so thankful for this product!JenniOrange County
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Dr. Kim Goodwin, MD Recommends Body After Baby

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What a Relief

The Motherload has helped me with all the aches and pains during my pregnancy, and I’m 8mos. along now and feel great. When my lower back starts to become uncomfortable, it's such a relief to strap on the Motherload to help support my back and belly. I'm not sure what I would do without it, what a great product! I will definitely be coming back ...
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