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Lille Punkin reviews the Leilani, Post-Pregnancy Shapewear

  Mom and Lille Punkin blogger Lindsey discusses how she used Leilani as shapewear 8 months post the birth of her son.  “It is super supportive, giving you the extra core strength you need to carry baby around.  I looked at least 10 pounds lighter with it on, and could fit into size 4 clothing, down from my size 6 without it!” Read more …
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All About Baby’s World Reviews the Motherload

Creator of All About Baby’s World uses the Motherload maternity support band to help to lift her belly and keep the weight off of her stomach muscles and back. “When I go to the mall, zoo, amusement parks, or anywhere I know I will be walking for a while, I always, ALWAYS wear my Motherload Maternity Support Band. I notice a big difference when...
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Misty Nicole uses the Motherload for her pregnancy-related back pain

Misty Nicole reviews Body After Baby's pregnancy support belly band, the Motherload. "I must say that the difference is quite remarkable and I am so thankful to have discovered the Motherload Maternity Support Band and am looking forward to its benefits for the next few months." Read more ...
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Karla's Sienna C-Section Story : 1 Year Later

The Sienna made my recovery after C-section much better than I expected, and to this day I still love the garment. My son is now a 1 year old and I still wear my Sienna for comfort. I am currently working out and eating healthy to achieve my goal weight after baby and the Sienna is a big part of my journey, I actually wear it to work out because...
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Jessica from Texas gets help from the Leilani Post Pregnancy shapewear

After I had my baby, I noticed all my stretch marks and found out I had a hernia. Due to the hernia and skin, my belly button is covered by the sagging skin. I realized that I needed some help to get my belly back into shape, so I bought the Leilani. Since using it, my belly has flattened out. I really am happy that I've been using it and I reco...
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Maria of Grayslake, Illinois Loves The Sienna C-Section Recovery

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I absolutely love my Sienna. The first week after I gave birth I was very swollen. I put on the garment when I came home and it was super comfortable. It held my stomach in and gave me the right support. There was no folding over at the incision site and it didn't show under my clothes. I also give the garment credit for my scar healing flatter ...
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LEILANI Review by Ashley from

As a busy mom with little time to devote to working out, mommy blogger Ashley wanted to wear cute outfits without the little muffin top prevailing through while she slowly worked on getting more permanent results through an active lifestyle. So she turned to the Leilani. Leilani’s two-in-one design acts as everyday shapewear for immediate slimmi...
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Motherload Support Band review by Heather from Miss Frugal Mommy from Miss Frugal Mommy blog reviews the Motherload belly band while she was six months pregnant. According to Heather, “Now, I feel like I cannot live without my belly band and am lost when I accidentally leave the house without it!” Another key feat...
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Leilani Post-Pregnancy Shaper Review by Kathy Trainor New England mom, blogger and teacher Kathy Trainor reviews Body After Baby’s Leilani and explains how it is helping moms with the dreadful task of fitting into clothes following the birth of their baby. The Leilani’s two-in-one design acts as everyday shapewear, while its “comfortably snug” compression pa...
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The Sienna C-Section garment is Amazing!

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Kamie finding Relief with the Motherload during her pregnancy

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Amazing Support

As a prior horse trainer I've broken my back twice and these old injuries have caused my pregnancy to very painful and uncomfortable. The Motherload band has been amazing in providing support to my lower back from the first day I put it on. I'm so thankful for this product!JenniOrange County
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I'd recommend this to other mothers

It helped me with getting back to my everyday activities and ease the pain from the c- section. I went to dance classes wearing this belt and it gave my abdominals good support while moving/jumping/dancing/exercising. I'd recommend this to other mothers.Evelyn D.Vancouver, BC
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Dr. Kim Goodwin, MD Recommends Body After Baby

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Pregnant with Twins and feeling much better now

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The post baby support I needed!

Body after Baby was great to work with and answered all my questions! The Angelica helped make my recovery much easier!Val H.New York, NY  
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Just What I Needed

With a hectic schedule of nursing and running my other daughter to and from school...I was in need of the right support to help my recovery while being so busy. The Angelica garment really held me in, helping me to feel stable and keep my insides where they should be until I healed all the way. The soft breathable fabric is so comfortable I hard...
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Huge Difference in My Recovery

I recently had my second C-Section and immediately after wore the Sienna C-Section recovery garment. What a world of difference for my recovery! My mid-section was held in place and I was able to get back into "mommy mode" much quicker then with my first cesarean. It has now be 5 weeks post-op and am so happy with the results thus far! I cannot ...
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Much Improved Recovery

My labor was traumatic and made my muslces and insides feel very weak after sore after delivery. I started wearing the Angelica Abominal Recovery garment within the first week because my doctor recommended I wear some type of support. Nothing I found was as comfortable and supportive as this garment, most were plain belly binders. I feel so much...
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My tummy is tucked

I purchased the Sienna C-Section garment to aid in the recovery of my tummy tuck this past spring. The garment worked amazing in the same way for my tummy tuck recovery as I imagine t would have for someone recovery from a C-section. It was nice and snug over my incision site, kept me supported and held in, and was slimming to the rest of my bod...
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