Ten Must Have Items for your Hospital Bag

With a little one on the way things can be hectic. One thing no new mommy wants is to get to the hospital and realize something has been left behind. After talking to several mommies, new and experienced alike, we have come up with a list of the top 10 must have (and often overlooked) items for when your big day comes.


  • Hospitals normally have something to provide, but sometimes it feels a bit better to have products your familiar with.

Lip Balm/Gum/ Hard Candy

  • Keep your mouth from getting uncomfortably dry during labor by brining your favorite lip balm along.

Breastfeeding/Sports Bra

  • It’s all about what will keep you comfortable. Some women like to wear a sports bra during labor, others don’t. But the sooner you can get used to that breastfeeding bra the better.

Post-Baby Support and Recovery Garment

  • There are several options out there, but of course we recommend the Body After Baby Angelica for vaginal deliveries and the Sienna for C-Sections. These recovery garments provide support and compression to help moms heal faster, feel better, and transition back to a pre-baby body.

Clothes for Mommy

  • Bring comfy loose fitting clothes to wear after labor and for on the way home. No one wants to be stuck in a gown the whole hospital stay. (But if you want to look fashionable while you rock that gown, check out our friends at BG & Co. Birthing Gowns)

Clothes for Baby

  • Many moms can’t decide what they want to bring their new miracle home in. Stick with a couple onesies and sleepers appropriate for the weather outside. Even newborn clothes can be big on some babies their first few weeks, but they will outgrow them before you know it. Good to note: Hospitals typically provide newborns with a shirt and usually kept swaddled and close to mama and dada, during their brief time in the hospital.

Baby Toiletries and Soothers

  • Again, the toiletries are something the hospital will provide for the most part, but some mommies have specific brands they’d like to use on their little one. It’s also a good idea to bring a few different types of soothers. Sometimes it takes a few before baby finds what he likes. If you prefer baby doesn’t have a binky, make sure to tell the nursing staff.

Receiving Blankets, Fleece blankets for cold weather

The Baby Book

  • Don’t forget to bring the book along so you can get the baby’s feet stamped.

Daddy’s Bag

  • You have enough to worry about right now, let Daddy handle the laptop/ipad/kindle or other sources of entertainment. He’ll want to grab the camera too. And DO NOT forget your chargers.

ID and Insurance Cards

  • Make sure to have your ID, insurance cards, and any other necessary paperwork packed and easily accessible.

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