If You Are a First Time Mom-to-Be...Keep Your Expectations Real

If You Are a First Time Mom-to-Be...Keep Your Expectations Real

Babies take a huge amount of energy.

While you might have felt drained during pregnancy, it's after delivery that you may feel the most drained due to caring for a newborn and lack of sleep.

What was once all about taking care of you and the baby is now YOU taking care of the baby. At this point many moms may feel disenchanted with what they thought would be a magical time of bringing baby home.

Reality sets in.

Parenting is hard.

It's gross dealing with poopy diapers and getting peed and spit on. It's unthankful work.

The baby doesn't care about your needs, only itself.

It's lonely. Especially if you don't have family nearby or you may feel isolated from your friends who do not have kids and still have their social lives.

Friday nights out are now Friday nights in.

Dinner is whatever you can grab and shove in your face while eating one handed.

Have you ever had to take laundry out of the washer one handful at a time or do dishes while holding a baby? 

You are tired, frustrated, maybe angry, maybe even crying at times...but... when they sleep and you are holding them. The world stands still and you want to freeze that moment forever.

It is one of the most peaceful moments you get to have in this life. It makes the world right again.

If you are a first time mom-to-be... keep your expectations of those first few months real.

They are hard. Your body will seem very different during the healing process. Hormones readjusting to pre-baby mode will make you think crazy things.

Remember though, when your days are long and nights are short and you feel like you are at the end of your rope and everything about being a new mom is harder than you ever dreamed...  You are doing things right and YOU are a GREAT mom because you are working so hard for your baby.  And that little being that has turned your world upside down for both good and bad, is totally worth it (even if they only let you have a few hours of good rest a night).

 Taking Care of Yourself After Pregnancy

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