It's Your Body. Why Not Choose The Best C Section Girdle

The Sienna C-Section Garment: A Far Superior C Section Girdle

When you have a C-section delivery in the hospital, many new mom’s are given a standard issue abdominal binder, or belly-band/wrap of some kind to help protect their incision and stomach during recovery. The binders and belly-bands have very limited function and are designed for general support of your midsection but no though was given to comfort, breathability and other considerations for your comfort and well being as the new mom recovering from real surgery. 
From our years working in the medical fields of surgical recovery, we often heard the binder referred to as "bulky, uncomfortable, sweaty, and cumbersome” – rendering the product as either despised or not used at all once home. However the benefits of using the Sienna C-section garment are vast and that is why we created the style that urges new mom’s to wear throughout their recovery.

First we looked at the bulkiness:  The average abdominal binder or belly-band is 9 to 12 inches wide and made of bulky and stiff elastic, providing the same level of support all the way around your mid-section. This actually restricts your movements and tends to “ride up, not to mention it’s very noticeable under most clothing.

The design of the Sienna it to be both supportive and comfortable, so we designed our C-section recovery garment in a lightweight and breathable MicroNet fabric which is moderately compressive and a soft-touch finish. In addition, we added a side zipper to make it easy to get in and out of, especially when you are limited in strength and movement after your c-section.



We replaced the idea of limited stiff elastic with seamless support panels that target the your lower abdomen, incision site, and provides lower back support for great relief.



To prevent skin irritation and wound healing interference, we designed the Sienna with no direct seams over or near your c-section incision area. An added bonus to this design is the ability to start wearing within the first week postpartum.



Read more about our "C Section Girdle" called The Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment and check out some of our reviews.



Pack Sienna in your hospital bag - you can thank us later! To your happy and healthy new baby and a wonderful more comfortable recovery experience.

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