Just Had a Baby? Then Waist Training Might Be for You


Postpartum Waist Trainer

Many experts believe that waist training is a really bad idea, and even borders dangerous. But what if the timing makes a difference? What if waist training (or your entire core training for that matter) after a dramatic change in your body like a pregnancy or a big weight loss is the key to success? For thousands of moms, that is exactly the case. It turns out that factors like weight gain, swelling, bloating, tissue expansion, and if you just had a baby, hormones like relaxin, coupled with the use of a post-pregnancy compression garment may just be the secret to success. It appears to be a perfect storm of events that makes your body most receptive to contouring, or as others like to call it: waist training.

But before you go out and buy a corset or the tightest binding or postpartum waist trainer band you can find, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You must FIRST fully recover from labor. There are garments out there designed specifically for recovery. They offer enough compression to jump start the waist and core training process, but not too much to hinder your recovery. Remember, you just had a baby and you need to let your body heal. Look for a premium quality, lighter form of compression (geared specifically for your delivery type, either vaginal or C-section) to begin the healing process and get your body prepped for contouring. A good test: try bending over in the garment, and if you can’t do so comfortably or if the garment rides up and moves around, it can be dangerous to your health and recover

  • Once you have recovered (typically 6-8 weeks after baby) and have lost a significant amount of baby weight, you can move up to a slightly heavier form of compression. But why limit yourself to just your tummy and waist? Look for a garment that supports all the parts impacted by pregnancy: your tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks. Remember, the garment should be supportive and tight, but not restrictive. Corset-like garments, bands or belts with no give may cutoff circulation and potentially cause discomfort and/or hinder your recover. Look for a material that supports and gives, without restriction. Again, if you can’t comfortably bend over it in, then it’s not the right product. Plus, how the heck can you pick up your new baby if you can’t even bend over?  

  • Finally (and most importantly), manage your expectations appropriately to enjoy a positive overall experience. It's not about whittling your waist down to waiflike proportions; it's about using the right amount of compression in the right areas to leverage the post-pregnancy window of opportunity to get your body back. When combined with a healthful diet, you will find yourself making a significant improvement to your overall well-being, and, of course, a slimmer version of you.


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