Sienna C-Section Belly Band vs. Traditional Belly Binders and Wraps


When you have a C-section delivery in the hospital, many new moms are given a standard issue abdominal binder, or belly-band/wrap of some kind to help protect their incision and stomach during recovery. The binders and belly-bands have very limited function and are designed for general support of your midsection, but no thought was given to comfort, breathability and other considerations for your comfort and well-being as the new mom recovering from real surgery. Many new moms feel hospital binders are bulky, uncomfortable, sweaty, and cumbersome – rendering the product as either despised or not used at all once home.

The average abdominal binder or belly-band is 9 to 12 inches wide and made of bulky and stiff elastic, providing the same level of support all the way around your mid-section. This actually restricts your movements and tends to “ride up, not to mention it’s very noticeable under most clothing.

That is exactly why we created the Sienna.  The Sienna is for C-section moms that want to recover faster and more comfortably so they can regain the strength they need to actively focus on their new baby. Unlike uncomfortable hospital binders or C-section panties, the Sienna comfortably supports the major body parts impacted by pregnancy including the hips, and lower back, not just the C-section incision.

The Sienna is designed to be both supportive and comfortable.  Below are some of the key features of the Sienna that are supporting C-section moms in comfort.

  • Speeds recovery by promoting circulation and reducing swelling, both of which speed recovery
  • Reduces pain with an ObGyn recommended anatomical design that provides gentle compression to reduce swelling and decrease post-operative pain
  • Reduces scarring with a breathable seamless support panel in the lower abdomen that promotes circulation, reduces swelling, and decreases fluid collections at the surgical site, all of which have a negative impact on healing.  In addition, the support panel can be used to hold silicone sheeting in place, which has clearly been shown to diminish the occurrence of hypertrophic or keloid scarring.
  • Provides support beyond the incision with compression panels that stabilize weak muscles and support all parts impacted by pregnancy and C-section including lower tummy, hips, and lower back
  • Designed for comfort with unique MicroNet™ soft-touch, lightweight and breathable fabric free of harsh chemicals and dyes to reduce skin irritations. Plus a side zipper makes for easy on-off application.  
  • Makes you look better immediately with a seamless design that looks great under clothes, unlike other bulky post-pregnancy belly bands.  Two-in-one design that also acts as everyday shapewear for immediate slimming, while you recover from the birth of your child 

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