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MOMMY REVIEWS — Post Pregnancy Support

The Sienna C-Section garment is Amazing!

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I'd recommend this to other mothers

It helped me with getting back to my everyday activities and ease the pain from the c- section. I went to dance classes wearing this belt and it gave my abdominals good support while moving/jumping/dancing/exercising. I'd recommend this to other mothers.Evelyn D.Vancouver, BC
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Dr. Kim Goodwin, MD Recommends Body After Baby

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The post baby support I needed!

Body after Baby was great to work with and answered all my questions! The Angelica helped make my recovery much easier!Val H.New York, NY  
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Huge Difference in My Recovery

I recently had my second C-Section and immediately after wore the Sienna C-Section recovery garment. What a world of difference for my recovery! My mid-section was held in place and I was able to get back into "mommy mode" much quicker then with my first cesarean. It has now be 5 weeks post-op and am so happy with the results thus far! I cannot ...
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Much Improved Recovery

My labor was traumatic and made my muslces and insides feel very weak after sore after delivery. I started wearing the Angelica Abominal Recovery garment within the first week because my doctor recommended I wear some type of support. Nothing I found was as comfortable and supportive as this garment, most were plain belly binders. I feel so much...
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