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MOMMY REVIEWS — shapewear

Simply Sherryl reviews the Motherload, pregnancy support belly band

Simply Sherryl reviews the Motherload pregnancy support belly band.  "We grow big babies in our family. And they do put a strain on the body but as any mother will tell’s so worth it! But, during those last months of pregnancy along with the first 6-8 weeks after birth; having a little extra support for your back and tummy is..well a b...
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Agape Love reviews the Leilani, postpartum shapewear

Maria Gridley uses the Leilani to shape her body after a big weight loss and during her working outs.  "As with a momma who just gave birth - I too have a body that needs toning, and loose skin and flab that I'd like to see firm up again. Truth be told it can be very uncomfortable and yes even embarrassing to work out with excess skin and flab ...
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Lille Punkin reviews the Leilani, Post-Pregnancy Shapewear

  Mom and Lille Punkin blogger Lindsey discusses how she used Leilani as shapewear 8 months post the birth of her son.  “It is super supportive, giving you the extra core strength you need to carry baby around.  I looked at least 10 pounds lighter with it on, and could fit into size 4 clothing, down from my size 6 without it!” Read more …
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