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MOMMY REVIEWS — The Motherload

Natasha Moon Relieves Backpain with the Motherload

  Find out how Natasha Moon is using the Motherload to relieve her back pain during pregnancy.
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The Fabulous Wife blog reviews the Motherload pregnancy support belly band

Cate of the Fabulous Wife reviews the Motherload to relieve her back pain during her pregnancy.  " The Motherload isn't bulking like other pregnancy support bans, so I like to wear it under my clothes when I'm running errands." Read more ... 
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Kamie finding Relief with the Motherload during her pregnancy

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Pregnant with Twins and feeling much better now

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The Best Support During Pregnancy

The Motherload Support Band fits me at every stage of pregnancy. It can be adjusted to fit my needs as I grow and the band feels supportive and comfortable to my lower back. I recommend this product to all my pregnant friends & plan to use it with all my future pregnancies. The quality of materials are so much more substantial than other su...
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