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A woman’s body takes a lot before a baby and tends to take even more after the baby. Giving your body the support that it needs during your post-pregnancy recovery (Vaginal or C-section delivery) is essential. It took nine months for those bones and tissue to shift and mutate into a formidable shape to carry your bundle of joy and it takes quite a while for them to go back...[spoiler alert:  Sometimes (okay ALOT of times) everything doesn’t go back exactly where it was before].  

 Sure, we all know that diet and exercise is key to regaining your body after baby. However, as any new mom can attest to, a lack of sleep and the time required to care for a newborn relegates diet and dedicated exercise to the bottom of the priorities list. But don’t confuse the lack of dedicated exercise sessions with a lack of being active. New moms are very much active … in a new way. Instead of hitting the gym, they spend their days carrying around a new type of weight: their new baby.    

So what is one to do? For a growing number of active moms, until they can get back on some type of exercise schedule, the answer lies in post-pregnancy support garments. These compression garments are more than a fad, they really work. Compression helps jump start the process of attaining body goals by facilitating the healing process and supporting the areas most impacted by pregnancy: hips, back and belly.  Plus hormones like relaxin make the body more receptive to shaping in the months following childbirth. Added bonus: When you can squeeze it in, wearing a compression garment, during exercise gives you an extra leg up in the battle of the postpartum body bulge.

Choosing the right post-pregnancy support garment can be pretty confusing. There are a lot of products out on the market that offer support for your body such as everyday shapewear, but not all of them are really what a post-pregnancy body needs.

For instance...those that have undergone a C-section need some sort of C-section support to aid in healing. A post pregnancy compression garment that can not only help them with recover after c-section surgery by supporting the abdomen walls, back and hip structures, and most importantly, allow the incision area to get the proper support and air flow so your healing time is optimal.

Do yourself a favor and in between looking on Pinterest for nursery ideas and new mom advice, take the time to learn about the options when it comes to your body during the birthing recovery. (Abdominal separation is a real thing ladies!) Reading what other moms are doing is a great place to start.

Making sure that you take care of your body during pregnancy with a maternity support band or garment after the baby, with a post-pregnancy compression garment or body contouring shaper are simple ways to give your hard-working momma body some much needed relief and will make those first few months with the new one, even more enjoyable!

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