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It's Your Body. Why Not Choose The Best C Section Girdle

The Sienna C-Section Garment: A Far Superior C Section Girdle When you have a C-section delivery in the hospital, many new mom’s are given a standard issue abdominal binder, or belly-band/wrap of some kind to help protect their incision and stomach during recovery. The binders and belly-bands have very limited function and are designed for gen...
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Crave This, Eat That: A Guide to Satisfying Pregnancy Cravings

The pregnancy test came back with a big fat positive and now your craving pickles, ice cream, and a big greasy burger from that place down the street. Don't worry Mom, you are not alone. Nearly 80 percent of expectant mothers experience cravings sometime during their pregnancy.But what are you supposed to do when your craving that morning coffee...
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Body After Baby Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

    After a long winter, summer has finally arrived!  But if you are pregnant, the high heat that summer brings can be especially difficult.     Pregnancy can cause your body temperature to be slightly higher than normal, causing an increased risk for heat stroke or exhaustion.    Check out these 5 quick and easy strategies to play it sa...
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Predicting the Gender of Your Baby

When it comes to finding out the gender of your baby, waiting for your ultrasound can feel like for-ev (wait for it)....(still waiting).....(just a little longer)... er.   Yeah, kinda like that. Here are 6 fun (but not always reliable) ways to predict the gender of your baby.     #1.  The Heartbeat : If the baby’s heartbeat is over 140 ...
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5 Ways to Get Your Body Back

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Your body goes through an immense amount of change during pregnancy so don't expect that two weeks post-birth you will be sporting your pre-pregnancy clothes.   It took nine months for that baby weight to come along and it isn't going to go away overnight.  That weight also serves the unique purpose of providing a rich diet of breast milk for ...
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6 Ways to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Back Pain affects 7 out of 10 women. Common causes are posture changes, stretching of ligaments, weight gain, pelvic tilt, and stress. These changes effect both the upper and lower back, making carrying a baby that much more difficult and uncomfortable for many women. These changes along with a growing baby and position changes add to ...
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Ten Must Have Items for your Hospital Bag

With a little one on the way things can be hectic. One thing no new mommy wants is to get to the hospital and realize something has been left behind. After talking to several mommies, new and experienced alike, we have come up with a list of the top 10 must have (and often overlooked) items for when your big day comes. Toiletries      Hospital...
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11 Things Someone Forgot To Tell You About Post-Partum Recovery

If you are pregnant right now and it’s your first child….Congrats! A world of wonder awaits you, first look at your new baby, first diaper changes, first giggles, coos, smiles, steps and so much more.  It is all truly wonderful…. Well, almost all of it. There are a few things that you probably aren’t being told and frankly, I wish someone would ...
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The Saga of the Post Pregnancy “Muffin-Top”

Once upon a time... There was a young woman with a nice set of abs. Not great ones, but they were hers and she didn’t look too shabby if she wore a 2-piece bathing suit (if she said so herself.)   Then one day, she was overjoyed to learn she was finally pregnant. Little did anyone tell her that you couldn’t really...
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Body After Baby: The Mother of Support

How do you support your body during and after pregnancy? You try your best to take the right vitamins, eat the right foods, and get the right amount of rest. But despite your best efforts, you still experience the twinges, aches, and pains of pregnancy and post pregnancy, whether it’s back pain, muscle strain, or loose excess skin. What’s mo...
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Taking Time To Support Your Body During Pregnancy

Should your newborn sleep in a crib or a bassinet? How will you manage an infant when you need to drive your three other children to school? For expecting moms, the months leading up to baby’s birth are packed with preparation for the infant and the growing family. It’s little wonder that moms-to-be often put their own needs and comforts last on...
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How a Support Garment Assists with The Daily Activities of Motherhood

As a new mom, the toughest part is over right? You’ll get to lounge around and take those extended naps while your infant sleeps soundly. Um, not quite, in fact even though a new mom’s post pregnancy body is still recovering from labor and delivery, there’s a lot on the motherhood to-do list. 5 daily activities that trigger pa...
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Body After Baby: We’ve Got Moms Covered

From crib to car seat, from diapers to bottles, you have babies needs covered. But what about you—how do you support your body during and after pregnancy? Well, at Body After Baby™ we’ve got you covered. From a pregnancy support band to relieve pregnancy back pain to post pregnancy body contouring, our products will take you f...
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The Body After Baby™ Design Advantage

It’s pretty simple really - we are a specialty brand that designs specialty maternity and postpartum support to serve the needs of mothers and their pregnant and postpartum bodies. It all begins with a firm understanding of the areas most effected by pregnancy, and designing products to support these unique changes helping you feel better and lo...
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