5 Ways to Get Your Body Back

Your body goes through an immense amount of change during pregnancy so don't expect that two weeks post-birth you will be sporting your pre-pregnancy clothes.   It took nine months for that baby weight to come along and it isn't going to go away overnight.  That weight also serves the unique purpose of providing a rich diet of breast milk for baby.

So take your time, enjoy motherhood and use these 5 strategies for a practical approach to losing the baby weight.

Breastfeeding burns about 500 extra calories a day.  To burn that amount of calories, you would have to have a pretty intense workout schedule.  Isn’t it more fun to bond with baby instead?  (Pumping will also do the same thing)

Water.  Lots of it.
Your body take a while to get rid of all of the extra fluids from pregnancy and an epidural ( if you had one).  Water will help flush all of that out as well as help with breast milk production.

Walks with Baby
Running is great, but it may be awhile before your body heals enough to get back to a run or a jog.  Take a relaxing stroll or power-walk if you feel up to it.  Most of all, enjoy your time with your new one (Plus, isn’t it really cool to be pushing a stroller around with a REAL baby for once...you’re living out a HUGE childhood fantasy here...The 6  year-old girls in the neighborhood are going to be so jealous!)

Continue to Eat for Baby
Remember how good you were when you were pregnant and ate healthy foods for baby?  Whether you breastfeed (and really are still feeding baby) or using formula, continue to feed your body lots of veggies, fruits and lean proteins.

Make Time to Work-Out.
By no means does this have to happen in the first month or six months...Once baby arrives, your routines will be turned upside down and inside out.  Combine this with a lack of sleep and that is no time to start a new exercise routine.  But...once you are ready,  take about a ½ hour 2-3 times a week to exercise.  Look out for baby and me workouts online and dvd’s that are designed to give you and great post-pregnancy workout while bonding with baby.  Check out this baby and me Yoga dvd to get started.   There are many more  DVD programs like this out there and some neighborhoods even have in person classes for moms and babies.  Be sure to research your options to find the best fit for your lifestyle and workout preference!

Tip: Use the Leilani Body shaper,with body compression technology to help you slip into those skinny jeans while you work away at Reclaiming your Body After Baby.

Happy Motherhood!

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