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How to tell if I am having a boy or girl
When it comes to finding out the gender of your baby, waiting for your ultrasound can feel like for-ev (wait for it)....(still waiting).....(just a little longer)... er.


Yeah, kinda like that.

Here are 6 fun (but not always reliable) ways to predict the gender of your baby.



#1.  The Heartbeat :

If the baby’s heartbeat is over 140 beats a minute... then the theory is that it’s a girl.  The opposite, under 140 beats/minutes, means that it is likely a boy. 


#2.  Ring-a-ding

Take off your wedding band, tie it to a string and hold it above your belly.  If it goes in a circle its a boy, if it goes back and forth, it’s a girl.  Of all the methods, this one may have the lowest percentage of accuracy, but it only takes a minute to do and it’s still interesting to see if it does turn out to be correct.


#3 Tinkle Tinkle Little Star, How I Wonder Which Gender You Are...

This next one comes with a word of precaution.  You may want your hubby or a close friend to do the mixing part. Mix a tablespoon of Drano in a cup of pee and if it turns Green its a girl and Blue its a boy.   Personally, we think this test may have been developed by the Drano corp.  (Well played, guys, well played...)


#4  Tried and (somewhat) True

This is certainly the oldest method on our list.  The Chinese calendar.   This method is said to be approximately 90% effective.   While we can’t explain this, if you only chose one of these methods to try, this would probably be your best shot to getting an answer, before your get the “real” answer at your ultrasound (or when baby arrives).


#5  Pickles and Ice Cream

Have a recent sweet tooth?  That may mean a sweet baby girl is coming your way.

Can’t get enough pickles or other sour foods?  Get ready for a bouncing baby boy!

And what if you are craving pickles with ice cream?... Twins! (Okay, stop panicking...We just made that twin part up...)


#6  High or Low?

Has the baby decided its favorite place is your upper ribcage?  Or is it low-riding and give you a little extra junk in your trunk?  Babies that are riding high are said to have greater odds of being a boy.  While little girls tend to keep their feet (and further along in maternity, their heads) closer to the ground.


Think you have it figured out?  We hope you will have fun trying some or maybe even all of the methods that we shared with you today.  Some moms will say swear by these methods, other will say every one of them were wrong.  Remember, these strategies are purely hypothical, so after trying these do not go out to your nearest baby store and purchase every pink or blue thing you can find.


The only 100% correct answer is the one you get once baby arrives. 


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