Body After Baby Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide



After a long winter, summer has finally arrived!  But if you are pregnant, the high heat that summer brings can be especially difficult.  


Pregnancy can cause your body temperature to be slightly higher than normal, causing an increased risk for heat stroke or exhaustion. 


Check out these 5 quick and easy strategies to play it safe and stay comfortable while pregnant during these hot summer months.


#1.  Sunscreen

There are different theories on which sunscreens are safe during pregnancy and most will agree that any sunscreen is better than none. Here is a good general rule to follow: If its safe to use on a baby, its safe to use during pregnancy.


#2. Hydration

Keeping hydrated is important for everyone, but especially you who are now drinking for two.  Heatstroke can be dangerous while pregnant, especially if it leads to fainting.   Find a cute waterbottle and keep it with you  when you are out and about.  While it is not confirmed scientifically,  logically, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to drink from a plastic water bottle that has sat in a hot car, so we reccomend a reusable travel mug or water bottle with its own filter is even better.  Warm water doesn’t  taste good anyway, so be sure to not leave your water in the car for extended time in the heat, no mater what type of bottle.   Remember, too much water isn’t good either and can dilute your body’s electrolyes.  Instead, opt to make sure your fluid intake is plentiful, but steady throughout the day.


#3. Seek shade

 A little Vitamin D from the sun is great, but too much sun can be very dangerous while pregnant.  Be sure to make time to rest (preferably out of the the heat).  There can be quite a temperature difference from the shade to the sun. Spending some time in your favorite shady spot will give you relief from both the rays of the sun and the summer heat. 


#4.  Swim

Not only does the water help keep you cool and regulate your body temp on a hot day, but it will also help soothe your muscles and take the pressure of your sciatic nerve, ( an extra bonus especially for those who deal with pain from the sciatic during pregnancy.)

Swimming not an option?  Try using a cool mist fan instead.  It won't provide quite help your sciatic, but it will feel good and help you stay cool on the hottest of days.


#5 Rest

Cookouts, The Beach, Reunions, Vacations, Yardwork, Graduations, Weddings, Concerts, Baseball games and Block Parties.  We work hard to squeeze every moment we can in three short months.  Especially, if you are in your last trimester, you can feel like a ticking bomb, with a list of things to do before baby arrives.  While you are amazing (after all you are growing your own human!) and super-motivated (What if the baby comes early?).  Combining exhaustion with heat and/or a lack of fluids can be dangerous for anyone, but especially if you are pregnant.  The best way to be safe is to understand your limits and make sure you take time to put your feet up and rest out of the heat.


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