Body After Baby: We’ve Got Moms Covered

From crib to car seat, from diapers to bottles, you have babies needs covered. But what about you—how do you support your body during and after pregnancy? Well, at Body After Baby™ we’ve got you covered. From a pregnancy support band to relieve pregnancy back pain to post pregnancy body contouring, our products will take you from glowing mom-to-be to your ideal body after baby.

Stage 1: Relief from Pregnancy Aches and Pains
Along with pregnancy comes big changes to the body—and that can bring big discomforts. Here are a few you might experience

  • Pregnancy Back and Sciatic Pain
  • Reduced Posture
  • Strained Abdominal Ligaments
  • Pelvic Floor Weakness and Incontinence

Our Motherload™ maternity support provides the relief you deserve by shifting the weight of the expanding abdomen off of the lower back, taking the strain out of your daily routine.  The result is a more comfortable, less fatigued mommy-to-be. 

Stage 2: Healing and Recovery From a Vaginal or C-Section Delivery
While delivering that little one alleviates many discomforts, it creates a host of new ones. Here’s a snapshot of what new moms can expect in the immediate post pregnancy body: 

  • Sore and stretched abdominal muscles
  • Strained Ligaments
  • Soreness in the Perineum
  • Discomfort and sore incisions (C-sections and episiotomies)
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Swelling and Bloating

For the mom who’s had a vaginal birth delivery, the Body After Baby™ team designed an Abdominal recovery garment. Complete with entire core support panels, it fully supports and stabilizes the entire abdomen, hips, and lower back. These areas are most affected by labor and delivery as well as those affected by caring for a newborn.


What’s more, moms who’ve had a C-section delivery may experience some of the same challenges as a vaginal delivery and have a major surgical procedure to heal from as well. Our C-section recovery garment focuses on stabilizing the incision site and surrounding tissue, helping the healing process. Some frequent challenges include: 

  • Difficulty rising from a chair or bed
  • Inability to pick up and carry objects, even as small as your baby
  • Discomfort when wearing pants that feature a waistband, a zipper, or seams running over the C-section incision or scar

C-section recovery can start immediately following delivery, within the first few days with a Body After Baby™ post pregnancy support garment. With an easy-on/easy-off side zipper closure and an antimicrobial fabric wash, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive safe and comfortable post pregnancy relief, so you can focus on your newborn and the daily activities of motherhood.

Stage 3: Reclaiming Your Body – Body Contouring Support
Parenting a child is a life-long process. Fortunately, reclaiming your body after baby doesn’t need to be. You may still be feeling a few discomforts, like post pregnancy back pain, but now you can address your appearance and begin to get your body back with a body contouring garment. The main benefits of contouring support include:

  • Loose Skin Retraction
  • Tissue Shaping and Molding
  • Lifting Support for Buttocks
  • Complete Back Support

For centuries, many cultures have used post pregnancy belly binding to engage abdominal muscles as well as retract loose skin. We’ve taken that ages-old body contouring knowledge and added modern touches, such as lightweight materials, anatomically designed panels, as well as breathable fabric with an antimicrobial finish. Body After Baby’s Body contouring garment jump starts your post pregnancy body figure, retracting loose skin and shaping tissue, helping you to look and feel great.

From pregnancy support to post pregnancy body contouring, Body After Baby™ has you covered.
Our products are designed specifically to support your body, whether you need relief from pregnancy back pain or you want body contouring from a post pregnancy garment. Isn’t it time your body felt better before and after baby?

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