How a Support Garment Assists with The Daily Activities of Motherhood

As a new mom, the toughest part is over right? You’ll get to lounge around and take those extended naps while your infant sleeps soundly. Um, not quite, in fact even though a new mom’s post pregnancy body is still recovering from labor and delivery, there’s a lot on the motherhood to-do list.

5 daily activities that trigger pain and discomfort in the post pregnancy body

  1. Nursing – Any woman who’s sleepily nursed an infant as she slouched in a rocker will tell you that breastfeeding brings its own set of aches and pains, from sleep-induced poor posture to attempting to nurse while stretching to help your toddler put on his shoes.
  2. Bathing a newborn – Whether you’re bathing baby is an infant tub or in the kitchen sink, bending over and keeping hold of a slippery newborn can be surprisingly challenging.
  3. Picking up and holding a newborn – Has your new little guy just woken up from a nap in the crib? Even though picking up and holding a newborn are relatively simple acts, they can cause pain in a back strained by labor or an abdomen that’s been subject to a c-section.
  4. Bending over – From dropping diapers to picking up a laundry basket, new moms will do their share of bending over after baby is born. Unfortunately, these motions place even more stress on achy back muscles and abdominal strains. And, if you’ve had a cesarean section, bending over often puts painful pressure on the c-section incision or scar.
  5. Walking up and down stairs – Sounds pretty simple really, but when considering sore abdominal muscles, c-section incisions, and lower back pain, it can be a big surprise when having to travel up and down stairs during your recovery.

You can find relief for post pregnancy discomfort.
Your doctor or midwife will likely suggest a range of options for relieving post pregnancy pain. But, increasingly, women are turning to another form of relief: post pregnancy support  garments. They offer drug-free relief to help you manage the tasks of motherhood, especially  during the days and weeks immediately following a vaginal delivery or c-section delivery.

Post pregnancy support – This isn’t your grandma’s girdle.
Far from it, the Body After Baby team has combined 20 years of experience in the medical healing and recovery industry with insights from doctors, nurses, and new moms. The result is a line of specially designed post pregnancy support garments that were created with you in mind. Our Body After Baby product line delivers full support that allows the body to heal properly and allows you to care for baby without strain. Body After Baby post pregnancy garments support the areas where you’ll experience the most discomfort: the abdomen, lower back, and hips.  We use a strong but light and breathable, latex-free fabric that retains it shape and provides continual compressive support and comfort. New moms can choose their support based on delivery type to provide the optimum support.

How do you support your body after baby? Invest in a post pregnancy support garment specifically designed for new moms and follow the advise of your medical provider. After all, you and your new baby are worth it.

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