Taking Time To Support Your Body During Pregnancy

Should your newborn sleep in a crib or a bassinet? How will you manage an infant when you need to drive your three other children to school? For expecting moms, the months leading up to baby’s birth are packed with preparation for the infant and the growing family. It’s little wonder that moms-to-be often put their own needs and comforts last on the to-do list. Now is the time to shift focus for a moment and consider your own needs and comfort.

Your growing baby is likely triggering a host of aches, from pregnancy back pain to other common discomforts of impending motherhood:

Pregnancy Ache #1: Oh, that sore back! Pregnancy back pain is one of the most common complaints of expecting moms, and would good reason. Weight gain puts extra strain on joints and muscles that aren’t used to bearing the extra weight—especially in later pregnancy when you might expect to gain as much as a pound each week.

Pregnancy Ache #2: The pain of posture. The growing abdomen actually changes the curve in your back and tilts your body forward, creating stress on your lower back and many times your hips and pelvis. The result of posture changes also effect the position of the shoulders and neck, moving them forward, triggering aches in those areas as well.

Pregnancy Ache #3: Aching abs. Expecting moms feel pain in the abdominal area, coming in the form of stretched and strained ligaments by the expanding uterus. In addition, as the uterus stretches the abdomen in later pregnancy some women suffer abdominal separation. The weakened muscles have a harder time supporting the body’s weight. Strength and balance are also compromised with weakened abdominals, causing the pelvis, hips, and lower back to support.

Pregnancy Ache #4: Bladder woes. The weight of an expanding baby and uterus strains the pelvic floor muscles and adds pressure over your bladder, resulting in a loss of bladder function control. This is known as Incontinence and is arguably the most embarrassing of all pregnancy changes.

It’s time to take care of you by finding relief for those pregnancy aches and discomforts.

The next few months will likely be among the busiest of your life. But even though you’ll be worrying about everything, from whether you’ll have a vaginal delivery to how many diapers you’ll need, it’s also critical to care for yourself. One simple, drug-free way to do that is to support your back, belly, and hips with a high-quality pregnancy support.

How does a pregnancy support work? Unlike typical shapewear or an ordinary elastic maternity band, Body After Baby’s MotherLoad™ pregnancy support uses molded panels, contouring design, and strong but gentle support features to take the weight of your expanding belly off of the back, hips, and pelvis.  Typically used from about the 4th month of pregnancy, our pregnancy support relieves pregnancy back pain as well as aches triggered by strained muscles and ligaments.

You do so much for your growing baby and your family—isn’t it time to take care of yourself during this special period of motherhood? Consider a pregnancy support band to reduce the aches of pregnancy back pain and other strains.  

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