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MOM BLOG — Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnant and Traveling? 5 Tips to Alleviate Back Pain

Thanksgiving is the most traveled day of the year with nearly 47 million Americans predicted to travel more than 50 miles from home this year. Travelling on the busiest travel day alone has it challenges, but doing it while pregnant is even more challenging.   If you plan to spend any significant time sitting in a car, train or plane, backaches...
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Pregnancy Back Pain - Help!

Understanding and Relieving Pregnancy Back Pain Everyone who has ever been pregnant knows all about pregnancy back pain. Not only are you dealing with all sorts of changes in your body but now your back hurts too! This is why we created a superior pregnancy support called the Motherload. We didn’t stop there however, our Motherload is also the m...
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Mommy Bloggers Give Body After Baby a Thumbs up

We recently asked a handful of mommy bloggers to review our products. Of course, we expected good reviews, but the feedback we are getting is really exciting. We thought our current mommy customers and future mommy customers would like to hear what other moms are saying about Body After Baby.   Here are just a few of the highlights:       “As wi...
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Body After Baby Post Pregnancy Shapewear vs. Everyday Shapewear – What’s the Difference?

Shopping for post pregnancy shapewear? Then you’ve likely realized that you have plenty of options. After all, department and discount stores are lined with new and trendy shapewear that’s designed to give you that curvy-held-in look. But if you’ve just given birth, those everyday shapewear products fall short of what you actually need. Here are...
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6 Ways to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Back Pain affects 7 out of 10 women. Common causes are posture changes, stretching of ligaments, weight gain, pelvic tilt, and stress. These changes effect both the upper and lower back, making carrying a baby that much more difficult and uncomfortable for many women. These changes along with a growing baby and position changes add to ...
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Taking Time To Support Your Body During Pregnancy

Should your newborn sleep in a crib or a bassinet? How will you manage an infant when you need to drive your three other children to school? For expecting moms, the months leading up to baby’s birth are packed with preparation for the infant and the growing family. It’s little wonder that moms-to-be often put their own needs and comforts last on...
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