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MOM BLOG — Featured

Body After Baby Post Pregnancy Shapewear vs. Everyday Shapewear – What’s the Difference?

Shopping for post pregnancy shapewear? Then you’ve likely realized that you have plenty of options. After all, department and discount stores are lined with new and trendy shapewear that’s designed to give you that curvy-held-in look. But if you’ve just given birth, those everyday shapewear products fall short of what you actually need. Here are...
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The Saga of the Post Pregnancy “Muffin-Top”

Once upon a time... There was a young woman with a nice set of abs. Not great ones, but they were hers and she didn’t look too shabby if she wore a 2-piece bathing suit (if she said so herself.)   Then one day, she was overjoyed to learn she was finally pregnant. Little did anyone tell her that you couldn’t really...
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How a Support Garment Assists with The Daily Activities of Motherhood

As a new mom, the toughest part is over right? You’ll get to lounge around and take those extended naps while your infant sleeps soundly. Um, not quite, in fact even though a new mom’s post pregnancy body is still recovering from labor and delivery, there’s a lot on the motherhood to-do list. 5 daily activities that trigger pa...
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