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6 Ways to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Back Pain affects 7 out of 10 women. Common causes are posture changes, stretching of ligaments, weight gain, pelvic tilt, and stress. These changes effect both the upper and lower back, making carrying a baby that much more difficult and uncomfortable for many women. These changes along with a growing baby and position changes add to the stress on your back and hips resulting in added pressure and discomfort. The Motherload Maternity Band provides instant relief from the causes of back pain as well as hip and pelvic discomfort. The band is designed to support your lower back, hips,...

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Taking Time To Support Your Body During Pregnancy

Should your newborn sleep in a crib or a bassinet? How will you manage an infant when you need to drive your three other children to school? For expecting moms, the months leading up to baby’s birth are packed with preparation for the infant and the growing family. It’s little wonder that moms-to-be often put their own needs and comforts last on the to-do list. Now is the time to shift focus for a moment and consider your own needs and comfort. Your growing baby is likely triggering a host of aches, from pregnancy back pain to other common discomforts...

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Body After Baby: We’ve Got Moms Covered

From crib to car seat, from diapers to bottles, you have babies needs covered. But what about you—how do you support your body during and after pregnancy? Well, at Body After Baby™ we’ve got you covered. From a pregnancy support band to relieve pregnancy back pain to post pregnancy body contouring, our products will take you from glowing mom-to-be to your ideal body after baby. Stage 1: Relief from Pregnancy Aches and Pains Along with pregnancy comes big changes to the body—and that can bring big discomforts. Here are a few you might experience Pregnancy Back and Sciatic Pain Reduced...

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